Vassilis Pitoulis Photography

About vassilispitoulis

Greek/Italian Photographer. His work is distinguished by
a very particular personal style, predominantly using a black and white canvas,
while demonstrating an impressive and distinctive ability to play with light.
He started experimenting with fashion photography while living in Paris, in 1983, but never had the chance to devote himself fully to the art. However, in recent years photography seems to have taken over and he seems to have generated immense appeal on a global level.
His work has been eminent on
social media, gaining thousands of followers and attention on a daily basis.
Recently he was awarded with the Monochrome Photography Award as Professional Nude Photographer of the year 2016. We see his work constantly making magazine covers, while being requested to give out workshops in the U.S.A that seem to be sold out early on.
His ambition drives him across the world on a never ending quest to render his ideas and inspirations.